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Garden Planning Part 2- Organizing Seeds & Plants

Seeds, Seeds, and more Seeds!  If you are like me, you can really go seed crazy this time of year!  As all these new shiny seed catalogs come rolling into my mailbox I quickly start circling every new and fun variety that I see.  I turn into a kid in a toy store and find that I need EVERY thing to make my garden perfect for next year.  The problem is that all too often when we do this we face spring with 8 new watermelon varieties (I may or may not be speaking from experience) and completely forgot to replace a new kale variety..oops! Or we have seeds coming from every direction with no idea on what to do next!!  When do I plant them? how do they need to be planted?  Don't worry- we have you covered!

Today we are going to focus on planning out the seed section of our Garden Planner.  You will see how easy it is to organize all your seed varieties, make a plan for planting dates, and get a simple overview of how our planner is designed to show all of this to you at a glance!


Bonus Download with every Planner Purchase!

We want to make garden planning as simple as possible for you!  So as an added bonus to every planner that is purchased, we are sending you the link to a free planting guide for the 25 most common veggies!  This will make filling in your Sow the Seed section even easier!!  

 Be sure to check out all of our garden planning series!  We want you to be successful in your garden by making it simple, efficient, and rewarding!