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Sneak Peak to 2020 Sow Organized Garden Planner!

Planning your garden has never been so easy! 

The 2020 Sow Organized Garden Planner was designed to make gardening simple, efficient, and rewarding.  Each section has been carefully designed for the busy gardener who needs to track a variety of data and plan out their year in an easy step-by-step format.  Let's take a sneak peak at each section!

Seeds to Sow

An organized approach at having all the information you need for your seeds and plants in one location that includes: 

    • Shopping list- keep track of all your favorite varieties and where you found them to make future shopping simple.  Includes a section for both spring and fall with space for over 250 varieties.. so happy shopping!
    • Seed planting data record that includes seed starting, transplanting, germination rate, harvest date, depth and spacing of planting and more at a single glance.  Not only will this save you a ton of time during those busy planting seasons, it will also make monthly planning quick and easy. 
    • Notes for each variety to use throughout the season.

    Fruiting Trees, Vines & Bushes


      Let's not forget our fruit!  This record sheet will help you see dates for pruning, harvesting, and propagation.  Includes space for 72 varieties and plenty of space to jot down quick notes for each. 


        I am not going to lie... this is my FAVORITE part of planning out my garden.  My visual brain just loves to draw out all my plans for the new year and plug in all the exciting new structures, trees, herbs, and plants.  I can not tell you how much time (and sanity) this section has saved our family!  With 21 pages of dotted layout space, it is the perfect area to plan out structures (chicken coops, greenhouses ect), layout your garden beds, expand orchards, configure fencing and irrigation or even see your entire planting area in one areal view!  Using the handy key at the bottom of every page will allow you to use abbreviations, make material lists, and jot down the distances your dots represent. 

        Monthly To Do & Stats at-a-glance  


        So I have to admit.. until I created this section of the garden planner for Mom and I, I found myself using no less than 10 Billion post it notes to write down all 'the things' that had to be done around here.  Finally one day I decided to organize these said post it notes into categories in order to group them together in my mind.  After lots of repositioning and the aggravation of lots of lost sticky notes..the new formatting of this to do list was born and it has been life changing!  Here is a quick overview:

        • The to do list is organized by Propagate (seed starting indoors or rooting), Plant (direct seeding, transplanting), Harvest (picking, canning, fermenting, first harvests), Livestock (poultry notes, coop cleaning, bee inspections, ect), and Other (projects, firewood, fencing, ect). 
        • Each month is divided into 3 sections: Beginning, Middle, End.  Gardening dates and planting times are all very approximate since Gardening literally revolves around the weather (which unfortunately has no consideration for our plans).  Simply fill in your planting and harvesting notes (from the Sow the Seed Section) using these approximations.  For example if your cucumber plants should be ready to transplant 4/15.. you would write down "transplant cucumber" in the middle row under plant column.  Then, the date you actually transplant them out you can always write in next to it!  Taking the aggravation and stress out of exact dates makes gardening so much more fun!  
        • You will quickly see what needs to be done each week and where you have empty space.  We go back and fill in those empty spaces with all our projects!  This is a quick and easy way to actually get those projects DONE and avoid feeling overwhelmed.  This is a 12 month calendar.

         Monthly Tracking

         Monthly Tracking that includes Egg count and Weather data.  Tracking weather patterns was something I at first ignored.  A couple years into my garden I realized how much I needed that info!!  We have found that we run at least 6 degrees colder than the local forecast which makes a HUGE impact on protecting from frost and completely changes our first frost date.  We also reformatted this calendar to allow more empty space for you to customize.  

        Preserving the Harvest

          Organized by how it is preserved (dried, canned, frozen, fresh, fermented, ect) allows you to see all your healthy food at a glance.  As the freezers and pantry begin filling up you will be able to take note of what you need to plant more of the following years.  This has really helped me turn my garden into a year round grocery of sorts!  

          Financial Records

          Money may not be your favorite thing to track but let's face it... we MUST do it.  Now I am not a tax expert, but I have organized this according to the categories MY Tax Lady asks for.  Whether you need them for taxes or not, this method is simply a great way to see where your money is going and make future budgeting decisions based on past spending.  

          Poultry Planning


            These planning sheets came after I realized how easy it is to loose complete control over the spending on these feathery friends.  This planning sheet allows you to see the entire year at a glance where you calculate your projected cost as well fill in the actual cost (yikes!) of your poultry enterprise.  When you add this to your egg tracking you can really get a clear picture of what you need vs what you want or even prove to your hubby that more birds are totally in the budget!! lol  Includes poultry planning and tracking for both meat and egg layers.  


              Just in case you need to jot down a few extra notes... we've got you covered with 13 extra notes pages!

              Extra Support

              First time gardener?  Want to get the most of your garden planner?  You will find the "how it works" section at the beginning of your planner super helpful!  In this section we explain exactly how to use the sections of this planner.  

                This planner totals 115 pages that are spiral bound with a Laminated front and back cover