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Top 10 Gifts for Gardeners

Looking for the perfect gift for YOUR favorite gardener?  Here are our top 10 favorite gift ideas! 

**in full disclosure we are amazon affiliates and do get a small payment for items purchased through our links- thank you for all your support!**


Bogg Boots

We are a Bogg Boots family over here.  Every member of our family basically LIVES in these boots year round.  When we first moved to our homestead we must have tried 30 different brands of boots and in the end nothing could come close to the comfort and durability of Boggs.  For the kiddos I tried buying inexpensive boots but soon found that they were wearing them out almost every other month.  Mathematically it became obvious that while I had to pay more upfront, investing in better boots allowed us to not only last the year, but even held up to being passed down from kid to kid.  After 3 years of wearing my Boggs every day... It is time to buy a replacement.  So this is going as #1 because it is what I personally am buying myself for Christmas this year! 


Sow Organized Garden Planner

Simplify your gardening year with our easy and efficient garden planner Organize your seeds, layout your garden beds, and track your progress.  Includes poultry, orchards, and garden design.  Includes a Planting Guide to the 25 most common Vegetables (bonus Download) and an Entire year of Support! 


Garden Gloves

In our house, Santa brings everyone a new set of gardening gloves for the new year.  My girls really like these adorable gloves for kids which match my adult women's gloves.  Our son prefers to copy his grandfather with these kid leather gloves, while Stacy prefers these gloves.  I don't think you can go wrong for the price with any of these!  



Want to get your gardener a truly personalized gift?  We offer a variety of consulting options that can be redeemed at any point in the year.  One of our most popular options involves a one hour "pick our brain" video conference call where we can help you solve your most pressing gardening questions.  


Roo Apron

Our entire family LOVE and use the Roo all year long. One Christmas Mom and Dad bought us all a Roo and 5 years later we are still loving it! It is comfortable, durable, & incredibly useful.  We use it for harvesting everything from veggies to berries- even our kids use it.  You can hear the inspiring story of the roo in episode #71 of our podcast.  


Garden Shears

So I believe strongly in having quality items instead of just lots of stuff.  Having the right Garden Shears falls into this category for me.  Yes, you can buy a bunch of cheap shears in varying shapes and sizes, but I love this particular brand as it cuts easily, stays sharp, & is comfortable to use. This is a tool I keep on me at all times in the garden.  

Hive Inspection Booklet

Ever get done going thru bee hives only to forget which hive needed what?  Me too, which is why I use a hive inspection checklists.  I created this booklet so I could go thru each hive completely, track progress, and walk away with a to do list.  We made it small enough to put in your hive suit pocket, but big enough to check off all the important "things". 



The homestead does not stop when cold weather hits.  Bundling up with layers is a must WITHOUT feeling constricted.  This is why we have all invested in heavy duty vests to basically live in from fall to early spring.  Both are tough and durable, yet super warm.  



We wear a hat year round on the farm.  Whether it is to keep the sun off our face or keep our heads warm, it seems they are part of our farm "uniform" of sorts.  Our favorite universal winter hat can be found here, and our favorite summer hat can be found here.  If you would like to support our farm, we also offer a few hats in our apparel line. 


Farm T-shirts

I am a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl.  It is like a uniform I wear everyday on the farm.  Comfortable, relaxing, and practical.  I love to wear t-shirts with sayings and farm graphics.  I have a collection of sorts that I wear everyday on the farm.  In the winter I like to work in these long sleeve shirts with a t-shirt over top!  We also offer our own apparel that you can check out here.