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SEp 063; Getting Started in Dairy Goats with Kate from The Modern Settler


Today we chat with Kate St. Cyr with The Modern Day Settler about getting started with Dairy Goats.  Kate is a blogger and You Tuber as well as a writer for Countryside and Grit Magazine who shares her homesteading adventure of raising livestock and restoring her beautiful 1790’s New England colonial farm.  

In this episode we cover topics such as dairy goat breeds, importance of fencing, setup, supplies, and keeping an emergency livestock kit.  


Kate has provided a blog post that outlines what you should know before getting goats to go with this podcast.  You can check that out at:


Check out this link for instructions and pictures of the milk stand we discussed:


Here is the link to the birth kit as well as all the emergency items Kate keeps on hand for all her livestock.


A big thank you to Kate for sharing her knowledge with us today!  To learn more and follow her on her adventures, be sure to find her on instagram (https://www.instagram.com/themoderndaysettler/ ) You Tube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoGgBioHUGqh-8ujkH1kARw?view_as=subscriber ), and her blog (www.themoderndaysettler.com)