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SEp: 074 Gardening & Cooking with Kids to Encourage Healthy Eating with Leah Webb from Deep Rooted Wellness

Including our Kids in our Garden and Kitchen allows us to teach them SO many important life skills, including encouraging healthy eating!  While most of us want our kids in the Garden and in the Kitchen, the reality of doing so can sometimes feel impossible.  Today we are joined by one of my favorite people, Leah Webb from Deep Rooted Wellness to discuss tactical tips and tricks to make Gardening and Cooking with kids an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.  Leah is not only an expert in successfully incorporating a whole foods diet WITH your kids, but she also shares her experience in making a restrictive diet work.  Between her amazing recipes, meal plans, kitchen prep skills and handling picky eaters, Leah is the go to source for helping us get our kids in the kitchen and eating a healthy whole foods diet.  


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