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Land Consultation - by Phone or Video

Land Consultation - by Phone or Video

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Are you looking for all the benefits of a property design at a more affordable cost, this phone or video (zoom) call is just for you. 

Do you have a property that you need help designing? Are you ready to create or improve your space to include low maintenance edible trees and plants?   Do you need help property searching or just want to make sure your dream property will actually work for your needs and wants before you purchase it?  No matter what your situation, we can help.

This would help you with such things as:

  • House site location to optimize passive solar
  • Earthworks suggestions and locations (ponds, swales, windbreaks)
  • Water catchment and retention to reduce erosion
  • Greenhouse and Kitchen Garden site locations
  • Tree/Plant species suggestions and site locations
  • Finding land based on your personal needs/wants
  • Property reviews- looking at potential properties to see if they match up to your personal needs/wants
  • Answer all specific question you have regarding your land

Interested?  This is how it works.

  1. You would fill out a questionnaire that would give us details of your land, what you want to do with your land, and the specific questions you want us to answer. This form would be emailed to you after payment is received.
  2. We would evaluate your land, create a design, and prepare answers to all your questions.
  3.  Meet with you over a phone or (zoom) video call
  4. Tree and Plant recommendations emailed including vendors.
  5. Follow up call to ensure success!