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BULK Comfrey Root (50)
BULK Comfrey Root (50)
BULK Comfrey Root (50)

BULK Comfrey Root (50)

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  • 3 inch root cuttings
  • pack of 50 with FREE SHIPPING 

    We consider Comfrey to be a "must have" in the garden.  We interplant them throughout our garden beds as well as line the chicken coops for ease of harvest and sharing this "chicken candy" straight to our flock.  Comfrey is known for

    • High Protein (Comfrey has 22-33% compared to Alfalfa at 12-19%)  
    • Vitamins B, A, & C
    • Silicon, Calcium, Potassium, Phosphorus, Iron, Iodine, Trace Minerals, and More!
    • Soil Building- we use ours  as a chop and drop mulch as well as in compost tea. 
    • Medicinal 
    • Animal Feed- low fiber, high protein, high mineral  
    • High Yielding Leaves (over 140 tons per acre)
    • Rust, Disease, and Drought Resistant Perennial
    • NON-invasive - do not spread or seed.

    This is the Bocking #4 strain of Russian comfrey;  Symphytum Peregrinum (also known as knitbone )