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About Us

What started as a dream has bloomed into a homesteading/farming lifestyle that our family feels so grateful to embrace.

Welcome to our Family Farm and Homestead!

We are so glad that you have chosen to join us as we embark on a wild and fun adventure of building a sustainable off grid farm.  Our story actually started 7 years before moving to the farm when we first decided that our biggest dream in life would be to raise our children on a sustainable homestead.   After much prayer, saving, research, planning, and lots of experimenting;  we went on a search for the perfect property and began to break ground on our dream.

Here are some fast facts about us!

  • We are a family of 7; 4 adults (Stacy, Amy, Mom and Dad), 3 kiddos (ages 9, 7, 5) 
  • We have a deep respect for animals and have 2 very spoiled guard dogs, 4 outside barn cats, 1 inside spoiled kitty, and too many chickens to count..insert "Crazy Chicken Ladies".
  • We do life together on our family farm that we all moved together on 5+ years ago (Can you say totally spoiled with babysitters right up the dirt path!)  
  • We are located in North Carolina about an hour from Raleigh in zone 7b.
  • We designed both our homes using passive solar house design and Stacy and Amy's house is completely off grid... think solar panels and free energy (don't think living in a tent with no running water! Our house is just as normal as yours- pinky swear!) lol! 
  • We spend the winter months dreaming and planning out our permaculture style gardens that supplies us with year round food.  
  • We grow thousands of fruit and nut trees
  • We work hard and play hard, but most importantly we love big.  We love each other, we love our animals and plants, we love our church and community, but most importantly we love Jesus and live to serve Him and honor him in all that we do. 


Looking for a Formal Bio?!  

Stacy and Amy Woodhouse, owners and farmers of Sow Edible Farm and Nursery in Warrenton NC, have a passion for teaching others sustainable agricultural practices.  Stacy has a BS in finance while Amy has a MS in education and along with Stacy’s Parents they have fostered a talent for utilizing a variety of sustainable gardening techniques.  Six years ago they began developing their Off Grid sustainable farm where they grow thousands of fruit and nut trees, harvest from a year round kitchen garden and hold a Permaculture Design Certificate from Geoff Lawton.  Stacy and Amy live in a passive solar off grid house that they designed and built themselves. Today they share their knowledge through their Podcast, speaking engagements, conferences, and social media. Sow Edible Farm Nursery offers consulting services as well as a variety of sustainable plants, trees, and bulbs sold both commercially and to retail customers.  Additionally, Amy has published a garden planner to encourage others to find success in their own backyard. When Stacy and Amy are not busy in their garden, you will find them chasing down their 3 beautiful children, cooking up new kitchen creations, and thanking God for their wonderful life. To learn more please visit SowEdible.com. Follow them on instagram and tune into their podcast  - Sow Edible Podcast.