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Stress Free Fundraising

 Does the idea of fundraising make you cringe?  

The hasstle of collecting money, wasting hours sorting and distributing large orders, and hunting down volunteers can be altogether a headache.  Are you tired of trying to convince friends and family to purchase overprice unwanted items?  Or worse yet selling thousands of inexpensive items only to raise a small return?  

We make fundraising simple and easy!

This is how it works:

Choose a Custom Design- We are here to help you sell your own customized design on a variety of apparel and accessories- free of charge!  From here you can either choose to upload your current logo/design or you can choose from 4 pre-made designs and choose the wording for the design.  If you would like a new logo/design created specifically for your organization or event, we can provide more options for you at an additional fee. You will receive an email with step-by-step instructions to help you complete your design. 

Fundraising portal access-  Once your design is complete, you will receive an email giving you access to your fundraising portal.  The portal includes all the tools you need to get started including social media links and banners with your fundraising code built in.  These tools can be used on social media or to create print material.

Now you are ready to start selling!   Use the tools from the fundraising portal to get the word out.   

We offer summer and winter apparel; as well as add new inventory every month.  This added bonus allows extended family and friends to purchase extra items (to give away as gifts or keep for themselves) on a Year round basis.  This allows you to decide the length of your fundraiser...there is no minimum or maximum time allowance.

Upon each sale, you will receive 20% of total purchase (before shipping and sales tax). You track your sales on the Fundraising Portal and receive a monthly check with all your sales!  We accept all credit cards and provide a secure shopping cart experience.

We handle all the inventory, shipping, and handling. 

We pride ourselves in giving you top notch customer service.  We will return emails and phone calls in a timely manner.  We are more than happy to help you at any step along the way.

The best part is that you have absolutely nothing to loose.  There are no hidden fees, no inventory to keep track of and distribute, no money to handle.